Knowing Science NGSS STEM Kit Grade 4

Grade 4 STEM Kit


Teacher’s Manual - Contains complete lessons & activities. Standards Referenced: Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards

  • 1 Teacher’s Manual – Knowing Science Grade 4

STEM Kits – Contain materials necessary for teacher demonstrations and student hands-on activities to cover the material in the

  • Physical Science Module
  • Earth Science Module
  • Life Science Module 

Each STEM Kit accommodates a class of up to 25 students.  Plastic storage containers are included.



Grade 4 Literacy Book Bundle

Literacy Book Bundle including the following 4 books which correspond to each of the lessons in Knowing Science Grade 4:

  • Bridging the Energy Gap
  • Endangered energy
  • Energy Makes Things Happen
  • Let's Think About Sustainable Energy
  • ... and more