Knowing Science provides our youngest learners with engaging, age-appropriate science and engineering experiences and investigations which are relevant and connected to their own everyday lives.  Providing solid, foundational lessons at an 
early age allows for a continued and deepening understanding of science concepts and engineering practices as the student progresses through their educational journey. 
Knowing Science is unique because provides embedded STEM tasks in each unit, at every grade level. 
Lessons in Let’s Compare are easily integrated within existing thematic units.  
Literature connections and large and small group activities provide opportunities for language development, communication, cooperation, collaboration and problem solving.  
Let’s Compare opens with Measurement.  This unit is based on observation and comparison (same or different).  Comparison is one of the foundational “big ideas” of science.  Students explore and compare weight, linear, and capacity in the world 
around them. (All measurement lessons are aligned with CCSS Mathematics)
Other highlighted experiences in Life Science (LS), Physical Science (PS), and Earth and Space Science (ESS) are as follows:
  •  Design a covering to keep cool in the Sun (PS)
  •  Design a solution to change the speed or direction of an object using a push or pull (PS)
  •  Develop an understanding of how plants and animals (including humans) meet 
  • their basic needs in their own specific habitat (LS)
  •  Associate the five senses with observation and survival of living things (LS)
  •  How to prepare for severe weather or a power outage (ESS)
  •  Solutions for protecting Earth’s resources (ESS/LS)