Grade 5 Knowing Science completes the NGSS grades 3-5 band.  Students at the fifth grade level are able to sustain focus for longer periods of time, thus allowing for investigations or design challenges that are more long-term in nature.  They still benefit from concrete or manipulative activities that help them to understand abstract concepts that occur on a micro- or macro- scale.  
Increased verbal and language skills allow them to continue to refine their abilities to discuss and explain concepts or experiences, and also to engage in argument from evidence.  Students at this level are encouraged to refine written responses or journal entries to communicate concisely and precisely, using topic-specific vocabulary.  
Measurement skills in fifth grade are embedded in science inquiry and engineering design activities. 
Other highlighted experiences in Life Science (LS), Physical Science (PS), and Earth and Space Science (ESS) are as follows:
  •  Experience how various organisms play an in important role in the transfer of energy through food webs by examining owl pellets or building a worm bin (LS)
  •  Take on the role of museum curators to develop and present an interactive exhibit that teaches about Earth’s hydrosphere (ESS)
  •  Build a filter to clean “dirty” water  and investigate ways to clean up an oil spill (ESS)
  •  Ask questions and conduct investigations that answer questions about properties of matter (PS)
  •  Create models to illustrate and explain the concept of relative size and distance of stars, moon phases, and shadow patterns (ESS)