Grade 4 Knowing Science continues to expose students to increasingly abstract concepts that build on foundational knowledge and skills learned in grades K-2.  
Students at the fourth grade level are increasingly able to understand that concepts  occur on a greater scale or magnitude than within their own existence.  Their verbal  skills allow them to learn to engage in argument from evidence, including ideas from concrete inquiry or design challenges, as well as social implications of science or engineering practices. 
Topic and vocabulary-specific nonfiction reading passages are included in every lesson which requires students to respond to the text in a variety of ways; through note taking, graphic organizers, and different types of short responses.  Engineering tasks allow students to keep track of their ideas and progress with a journal format.
Measurement skills in fourth grade are embedded in science inquiry and engineering design activities. 
Other highlighted experiences in Life Science (LS), Physical Science (PS), and Earth and Space Science (ESS) are as follows:
  •  Experiencing information processing and survival structures by observing crayfish in the classroom (LS)
  •  Construct a model of how the human eye works (PS)
  •  Design and construct buildings that are earthquake-proof (ESS)
  •  Create a coded message to illustrate the role of waves in transmitting information (PS)
  •  Design a device that converts energy from one form (mechanical, solar, or chemical) to another (electricity) (PS)