Knowing Science:  What’s the Matter? lays the final groundwork for foundationalconcept knowledge, practices, and crosscutting concepts in the NGSS K-2 band.  
Students at this level continue to understand their world on a larger scale.  They enjoy comparing and classifying ideas to bring order to their world.  Throughout the year, second graders become increasingly able to carry out inquiry and design tasks with less guidance and greater independence.  
Many lessons in What’s the Matter? can be integrated within existing units.  Literature connections and large and small group activities provide continued opportunities for oral and written language development, communication, and collaborative problem solving.  
Measurement in second grade allows for practice with standard units of weight, capacity, and linear measure, with an emphasis the metric system which is used almost exclusively in science and engineering.  (All measurement lessons are aligned 
with CCSS Mathematics)
Other highlighted experiences in Life Science (LS), Physical Science (PS), and Earth and Space Science (ESS) are as follows:
  •  Conduct an investigation to determine the basic needs of plants (LS)
  •  Create models to show plant and animal adaptations and plant pollination (LS)
  •  Design challenge to determine which materials are best suited for an intended purpose (PS) 
  •  Design a solution to minimize weathering or erosion(ESS)