Young children are innately inquisitive about the world around them.  Knowing Science:  Movement encourages students to ask and investigate answers to questions about the world around them.  An understanding of their immediate surroundings leads to developing and understanding of magnitude; that their foundational ideas about life science, physical science, Earth and space science, and engineering can be applied on a larger scale.  
Many lessons in Movement can be integrated within existing thematic units.  Literature connections and large and small group activities provide opportunities for language development, communication, cooperation, collaboration and problem solving.  
Measurement in first grade continues to build on exploratory experiences in weight, capacity, and linear measure from Kindergarten, with an emphasis on nonstandard units and an introduction to standard linear measure (inches and centimeters).  (All measurement lessons are aligned with CCSS Mathematics)
Other highlighted experiences in Life Science (LS), Physical Science (PS), and Earth 
and Space Science (ESS) are as follows:
  •  Design a device to communicate over distance using light or sound (PS) 
  •  Conduct an investigation to observe properties of light energy (PS)
  •  Design a solution to solve a human problem using ideas from plant or animal physical structures found in nature (LS)
  •  Compare plant and animal life cycles (LS)
  •  Plan an investigation to observe and compare the amount of daylight at different times of the year (ESS)