Knowing Science, LLC was founded to help elementary school educators teach core topics in science, engineering and science practices and crosscutting concepts that are described by the Next Generation Science Standards.

Through engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations, social interaction, inquiry based investigations and shared experience, Knowing Science’s lessons and materials provided in the STEM Kits, lead students to achieve basic science literacy.

William Banko, M.D.

William Banko received his M.D. in 1987 and is currently President of Surgical Design Corporation and Knowing Science LLC. Dr. Banko holds over 15 patents on surgical and medical instrumentation as well as several patents in the educational field. He has co-authored twenty publications in ophthalmic and general surgery and co-edited a book entitled Phacoemulsification Surgery, McGraw Hill, 1991.


Dr. Banko founded Knowing Science in August 2009, inspired by his passion for science and a desire to improve our nation’s science literacy. Knowing Science’s mission is to work with elementary school educators to teach core concepts in science, as described by the Next Generation Science Standards.


Since establishing Knowing Science, Dr. Banko has worked with leading educators to make early introduction of science education a top priority. Dr. Banko authored an article in Education Week “Starting a Science Education” published July 27, 2010. He was also the lead author on NSTA’s best-selling, award winning book: Science for the Next Generation: Preparing for the New Standards.